Cards 4 Friends Postcard Packs



Wanna help save the USPS?
Yeah, me too, and Muchacha wants to make it fun. This pack of 6 postcards is all designed by some of my favorite people for some of your favorite people. Each card is 4x6, ready to send, just add stamps! Our hope is to stimulate USPS stamp purchases and donate all proceeds to the American Postal Workers Union. So buy a pack, buy some stamps, write something cute, and let your friends know you love them! Cards are designed by @shopmuchacha, @andrew.hulin.visuals,, @ivy_penncil, @abigaillafrica on Instagram, and @astuteglute on Twitter. Be sure to support these incredible artists who are also my v talented friends!

The USPS is a public service that reaches parts of the USPS that private companies like Fedex or UPS don’t go, it is a necessary part of getting people their medications on time, is a life-line for incarcerated individuals who need letters to talk to family and legal aid, keeps thousands employed, and helps Etsy shops like me continue running.

Here is what you can do to help the USPS:
Buy stamps and USPS merch!
Call your representatives and demand their support for USPS
Be kind + patient to you postal worker
Send a card to a friend or family member!

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These postcards are so cute and unique! I can’t wait to use them