Handmade Spicy Energy from a Mixed Gemini in Los Angeles

Hey, I'm Dani, the designer behind Muchacha. A little about me, I'm a student graduating in May 2021 (!!), I'm an LA native, a gemini, a mixed kid, and I hope to one day be a boat captain. I design because it reminds me of my grandparents, I think I was possessed by ghosts on a family trip when I was 15, and I've got 3 tattoos. 
Muchacha is my little heart presented to you as hand-made accessories. I hand-make everything so that I know it deserves to be a part of your life and because it’s a big deal that you are choosing a Muchacha peice to express yourself. I hope what I give you makes you think of smiling till your cheeks hurts, having astrological compatibility with your crush, biting into a good strawberry, calling your grandma, dancing with your friends, and giving yourself a pep talk in a bathroom before a date or an interview or something. I hope you know I make everything here with joy. I hope you get a bit of it when you get your package. 

30% of everything I make goes to a cause I care about. So far Muchacha has donated to RAICES Texas, Funders for LGBTQ Issues, and Planned Parenthood. The proceeds from our May relaunch will go to the Immigrant Worker Safety Net Fund by National Day Laborer Organizing Network (ndlon.org) to provide immediate resources and financial support to excluded workers during the COVID pandemic. Thank you for supporting me, the causes I care about, and my dreams. It means the world. 

Love you,